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Here we are at end of another year planning for the

New Year's Eve Fireworks on the Lake.

A big fireworks display is planned for New Years Eve at midnight or before. It will be on Lakeside Lane as it has been for years before. Bring chairs, food, drinks and blankets. We'll have the bonfire and the fireworks. Donations will be taken to help defray the costs of the fireworks. If you enjoy the display, please contribute.

No Trespassing!!!

Camp owners are complaining about people picking up pecans on their property. Be sure to get permission before going on private property. All  property along Lake Mary Road is privately owned or leased. This means "no trespassing or riding off road".  Please be considerate about four-wheeler riding at night, some of us old folks go to bed early. Don't do anything to tear up the roads any worst than they are.

The Lake Mary Beach

When the water was low last summer, sand bars appeared in the lake. They gave us a great beach for a few months. The water has risen now and the beach has disappeared. We may never be able to use the beach again. When the spillway is completed the water level may be to high for the beach to appear again. It was fun while it lasted.


National Weather Service River Forecast

click on the map for the 5-day forecast
and the 28-day forecast.

Other information can be found on the
Weather Channel's web site.

Road Conditions were terrible, but now repaired.

Red Doe Hunting Club needs cooperation and help in preventing malicious and unlawful acts. The thefts and littering must stop. If you have any information contact this email.


Lake Mary is a beautiful oxbow lake created by the Mississippi River.
It is in the southwest corner of Wilkinson County about twenty miles west of Woodville, Ms. Use MS Hwy 24 from the east or US Hwy 61 from north or south to get to Woodville, MS, then west on MS Hwy 24 to the Lake Mary Road. 
 Lake Mary can be found on the Lake Mary USGS quad topo map. The latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake are 31.1932, -91.5326 and the altitude is 30 feet.
To connect to that site click here.
Good aerial photos of the area. Just click on the numbers on the map.

Support the Lake Mary Civic Association.

Dues of $35.00 (thirty-five dollars) are payable to
 Lake Mary Civic Association. Send your membership dues to

Lake Mary Civic Association

P. O. Box 978

Woodville, MS 39669

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