Welcome To Lake Mary Mississippi


The LM Rd. is looking great. The approaches are at the same level as the bridge and extends from the green gate and to the curve.

Wil Seal and his crew are doing a great job on the road. It is being raised from "Baker's Gate" to the bridge then on to the big curve. Culverts have been replaced. The roadsides have been cleaned and sloped. You're going to love it. The Lake Mary Civic Association will be raising funds to help with the expenses that Seal Tractor Company is incurring. The amount depends on how much we collect. When property owners pay their association dues, these funds will be used to help pay for labor and fuel. Many folks from around here are contributing dirt, time and money.

If you have not paid your $35.00 membership this year or if you would like to make a donation, you can send a check to:

Lake Mary Civic Association
P O Box 978
Woodville, Ms 39669

Natchez-based Waste Management is now picking up garbage for Wilkinson County. Our pick-up day is Wednesday. Not so good for us at Lake Mary. Bags are getting busted and garbage is being scattered everywhere. Looks like we're all going to have to use some kind of garbage can that closes tightly, not just bags.

These are the latest pictures of the spillway.
These are some older pictures of the spillway before repairs began.

Getting around when water is over the road can be quite an undertaking and bit of adventure. Last spring, we had use of an old military vehicle to take us in and out. This is how we made it to church one Sunday in the spring of 2009.

Others are a little more brave.

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