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In response to inquiries from association members, we contacted Acadian asking for guidelines for emergency service to Lake Mary.

We have put instructions, coordinates, flares, etc in a white mailbox with a Red Cross + on it. The mailbox is located on light pole on Lakeside Lane. The field there meets the requirements for a helicopter to land. 

This is a copy of the email received from Mr. Babineaux of Acadian Airmed.


We at Acadian are capable and willing to respond to the area
highlighted on the map (Wilkinson County-Lake Mary) you sent us.
When calling
we will need the following information given to our communication specialist.
1. The caller's name
2. The return phone number
3. The physical address of the emergency
4. The GPS coordinates to fly to.
5. The nature of the emergency
6. The destination hospital requested
7. An unobstructed, debris free area of at least 100' X 100'
8. Should this be a night flight, we would require perimeter lighting denoting the landing zone and radio communications with someone on the ground that has been trained as a Night Landing Zone coordinator.

Please call if you have any questions.
Erroll C. Babineaux, VP Air Services
Phone: 337/291.1589 Fax: 337/291.4489

The GPS coordinates for the field next to 5704 Lake Mary Rd. were obtained from Acadian's Air-Med operator.
The coordinates for ths landing area (which is referred to as the Homochitto site) are

Longitude 91.3134 W    Latitude 31.1249 N

The Lakeside Lane coordinates are:

Longitude 91.31251 W     Latitude 31.11906 N

The Acadian Ambulance Service operator says that they have no contracts in Wilkinson County or West Feliciana.

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