Welcome To Lake Mary Mississippi

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Ida and Renee enjoying good times at the lake.

Some folks enjoy Lake Mary high water or not!!! 
Kirk Long and kids spent Memorial Day weekend playing and swimming. I woke up this morning to find fishermen catching bass in the road in front of the house.

Gentry Gill was fishing on the Homochitto River when he spotted this buck tangled in a trout line on the bank of the river. He cut the weak animal loose and let it go. What a fishing adventure.

A couple of years ago,Marlin and Treva Reid got these great shots of eagles that nest in the Lake Mary area. We hadn't seen them in a couple of years at that time. We were so glad they had returned and are raising two young eaglets. One adult can be seen perched on a limb, one eaglet in the nest and the other adult flying in with a fish in its talons. Marlin says he thinks that more than one eaglet was in the nest.

Some very interesting birds visited last summer. Along with the white egrets some pink ones were spotted feeding in Foster Lake.

Wildlife abounds in the Lake Mary area. Some are regular visitors and others are intruders.

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